Best Audio Bible is the 400th Anniversary King James Version

The Best Audio Bible Set by far is the authorized King James Audio Visual Bible. Published by The King James Bible Society. The package comes with the King James Bible and contains both the complete audio and written content of both the Old and the New Testaments.

The books are listed on the left hand side for easy accessing. Audio is set up by individual chapters within each book of The Bible. As the individual chapter is selected, the text is displayed so that the user may follow as the text is narrated.

The Set is organized in three sections: Bible Resources, Maps & Charts and The Books of The Bible to access the narrated audios by chapter.

One of the best features of the Bible Resources section, is the download as mp3. This allows for downloading by book, with each chapter having it’s own mp3 file.
Also in the Resources section are about a dozen other items, including, Four different dictionaries, two different reading plans and a Bible Commentary, Strong’s Concordance along with other items such as a Daily Devotional and Daily Reading Plan. Also available is a Students Guide for each year K through 12 and a Teacher’s Guide as well.

 The Maps & Charts Section contains over two dozen maps plus a Timeline Chart and The Flood Chart.

The set comes with a search bar for quick look up and and scanning.

Overall, a tremendous value at only ten dollars and the package includes apps for PC,
smartphones and tablets.  It can be downloaded and fully functional in less than two minutes time. More Information


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